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Dear Neighbor,

Our founding fathers intended for our government representatives to be public servants who represent our interests.

Today we see the opposite. To get elected, many candidates for public office make promises they know they will not follow through with and when elected they become professional politicians enriching themselves while in fact representing and catering to special interests all against good public policy and in spite of the sentiments of the community they represent.

On point, recently a majority of my colleagues supported rezoning of raw land from commercial to residential to make way for a new housing development even though we don’t yet know the impact of a 5000+ residential development that is just beginning to be built – The impact on schools, water, infrastructure, or public safety – just to name a few. There would have been no downside to waiting until we had the answers.

Since my election, I have focused only on the things that matter to YOU. I have not gone along for the sake of getting along. I have introduced measures and, under your watchful eyes, my peers on the Council did not dare vote down these measures that affected way of life for those on the Council who had been unjustly enriching themselves at taxpayers’ expense, from chauffeured transportation to expensive dinners to ridiculously high tips to unnecessary travel expenses to reimbursements with no receipts.

I have been true to my word. Just compare what I as a first-time candidate said in 2012 I was going to do with what I did do or at least tried do in my first two years in 2013 and 2014. Most of it is right here on this web site.

My Vote has reflected only YOUR voice, not the lobbyists and special interests’.

My mission has been and remains to be improving YOUR quality of life.

I have been focused entirely on what YOU elected me to do.

I have not and never will take you and your vote for granted.

Please let me hear from you about your concerns regarding our great community of Lake Forest or anything you may have in mind.

Please write me at or call me at (949) 812-0920.

Yours truly,

Adam Nick